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Whom do you trust?

April 14, 2011


Well, no one. Then again what do I know? I trust that guy is going to stop at the red light or that woman isn’t going to veer into my lane. I trust that politicians and scientists and ball players and teachers and businessmen and environmentalists tell the truth even when it goes against self interest and ideology…
I trust my own eyes except when I don’t. I know that I feel exactly the same today about things as I did when I was 21.
So do I trust Obama? Do I trust Paul Ryan? What does that even mean? Maybe we should start with a question that has a more definite answer. Who do I not trust? That’s an easier one to answer.


Clinton: Byrd was “good people” and he really felt bad about the lynchin’s

July 2, 2010

Yes, he was a member of the Ku Klux Klan, but he was good people, and he was just trying to get elected, which I guess if you belong to Bill’s party makes it all okay.

Ah, were he (and our President) always so forgiving.