Wimbledon and cow paths

Posted July 6, 2010 by William Ockham
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I loved this post.  Fascinating observation.


Is “the internet is completely over” code for something else?

Posted July 6, 2010 by William Ockham
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The internet is over?  Surely that’s not what he means since we’re all reading his proclamation via the web.  On the other hand, maybe [Prince] meant something else [related to the internet] was over. Okay, bad joke.

You mean you can get an STD when you’re over 60?

Posted July 6, 2010 by William Ockham
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Apparently so, especially if you’re taking erectile dysfunction drugs.  Not trying to be judgmental here, but maybe some of these folks should just listen to what their bodies are telling them.

This is a bummer

Posted July 6, 2010 by William Ockham
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Morning people rule the world?  Crummy place this must be.  Then there’s this study, which says kids do better if they can sleep in.

Maybe early risers are like the Sunnis in Iraq: the few terrorizing the many.  What if everyone slept in?  Just a thought.

The U.S. Will Default in the Foreseeable Future

Posted July 6, 2010 by William Ockham
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So says Niall Ferguson.  It is like the speeding train analogy.  The question is not if but when.  The US may be the last domino to fall, but the Keynesian program offers many configurations along the way but only one destination.

The Austerity Debate with a Twist: An Italian Economist says Austerity will stoke growth

Posted July 6, 2010 by William Ockham
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So here’s how the arguments usually go: 1) Austerity (cut government spending/raise taxes) reduces debt and deficits but increases unemployment and (2) stimulus (increase the money supply/increase governmental borrowing and spending) creates jobs and GDP growth but comes with a heavy pricetag in terms of debt and deficits.  The stereotypes say that conservatives are in the first camp; liberals are in the latter.

Then along comes the Italian:  Alberto Alesina says there is a third way.  If it sounds too much like having your cake and eating it too, I’m right there with you.  But given that no one else has any idea what to do (really they don’t) and belt tightening–despite the unabashed Keynesian apoplexy of folks like Paul Krugman–intuitively seems like the grown up way to handle the runaway monetary situation, I say we give it a shot.

The Turks Try On an Ultimatum for Size

Posted July 6, 2010 by William Ockham
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So the Turks have decided to tell Israel that they better apologize over their staged aid flotilla or, or, well, they’ll sever ties. Whatever.

I don’t want to diminish the hopelessness of the situation over there, which is depressing in its falseness and hypocrisy (can you offer an explanation for the millions of Kurds you’ve massacred you flatulent murderous thugs?). But how long will this kind of garbage from the likes of quasi-states like Turkey be treated with anything besides derision and mockery?

It’s pathetic.