Is this a Napoleon thing?

All’s fair in love and war and the family courts.  Of course this goes beyond just a male female thing it seems since Mel keeps getting himself in the same quandary again and again (what was Einstein’s definition of insanity?).  There’s no excuse for Gibson’s tirade if he said what they say he said.  And this time, if it’s true, the pundits are probably right that he’s toast.  Fortunately we have our moral arbiters out there making things clear for us.  Where would we be without Gloria Allred and “Baptist” minister Jesse Jackson (is that the same guy?)?

The following is pure conjecture, but for those of you who like, or liked, Mel Gibson, do you find the spectacle of his downward spiral over the last few years sad?  He was a beloved figure in the 80s and I think he was voted sexiest man alive more than once,despite the fact that he can’t be more than about 5’6″.  His movies were awesome, and he projected the image of a strong Catholic family man.

Then he does a fantastic movie on Christ, a powerful film on aboriginal natives of South America–and goes public with his boozing and philandering (this is one of his new–now old–chick’s more modest photos)–

and his racist rants…Now he’s just another old, tired, bitter, broken-looking manwho’s much closer to dying than he is not just to his birth but even to the peak of his career.  People who know him are better positioned than I to identify the ingredients of his rise and fall–I wonder what his wife thinks, for example.  Was he always this way?  I don’t know what his next move will be.  But life is long and I’ll hope for a little regeneration on his part.

In the meantime, does the second law of thermodynamics cover all things?

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